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Allowed File Extensions for Attachments (Provider Web Portal)

When submitting claims or prior authorizations, please note that file types with 4 character extensions, such as DOCX, PPTX, XLSX and JPEG, cannot be accepted. When submitting file attachments, please use the 'Save As' function on your computer to save the documents in one of the following formats, or other 3 character extension.

  • Word (DOC, RTF)
    Excel (XLS, CSV)
    Image (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG)
    Other (3DM, CCC, PDF, PPT, ZIP)


If you have claims questions, please submit an inquiry through the “Contact Us” link on the MassHealth Provider Web Portal at www.MassHealth-dental.net.

If you have additional eligibility questions please refer to the MassHealth Provider Web Portal. 


Please reach out to your provider relations representative-

Dan Archambault - Daniel.archambault@dentaquest.com 

Keishia Lopez Christian - Keishia.lopez@dentaquest.com

Thank you for your participation with the MassHealth Dental Program. 


Please see resources below to help you get started in the new Provider portal

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